KareDrew Haiti Foundation

Our Mission

To provide assistance for needs that have come to our attention that do not fit into the guidelines of major charitable organizations, focusing support for orphanages, providing access to clean water, food security, housing, education and health care.

KareDrew cannot feed thousands of people nor assist thousands of families, but we can help one family at a time, support two orphanages, provide resoures to local workers, assist schools - we are in a unique position to respond to needs in a more immediate fashion than many larger charitable organizations. We can build a house for a family who lost theirs, pay for critical medical treatment that a family cannot afford, or provide clean water to help eliminate waterborne diseases.

We are also intimately familiar with Haiti. Several of our board members have spent many months living in Haiti from 2005 to 2011; one of our board members is Haitian and resides there full time. Our firsthand knowledge of Haiti - and understanding where the available resources are - allows us to more quickly meet the needs of one person or orphanage or school at a time.

Our History

Having first traveled to Haiti in 1981, Vivian and Pat Tortora and Frank Fayne have long felt a connection to Haiti. The 4 of them, along with a few others launched the KareDrew Foundation in 2011.

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Those items we take for granted, such as a clean bed, regular meals, education, accessible drinking water, can be problematic in Haiti.  Our partner orphanage depends on our help to provide these human needs to the over 100 children they serve.  You can help, just by shopping online.  

Use Goodshop.com to buy a shirt from Gap, headphones from Walmart or a new rug from Pottery Barn; these are just a few of the 5,000+ online retailers available.  When you make a purchase, Goodshop will donate up to 20% of your purchase to KareDrew Haitian Children's Foundation. It’s not about how much you spend or the size of the donation that maters most; instead, it is the fact that you cared enough to use Goodshop.com to ensure the dollars donated go to people who truly need your help.

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