KareDrew Haiti Foundation
Our Team

Sr. Mary Finnick

A Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart, Sr. Mary lived in Haiti from 2005 - 2012 serving as Director of Matthew 25 House located in Port of Prince.  Prior to serving in Haiti, she was a nurse-educator and retired from SUNY-Buffalo School of Nursing in 2000.  From 2000 - 2002, Sr, Mary was the Facilitator/Coordinator of her community’s Motherhouse in Yardley, PA. prior to departing for Haiti.

Jim Barry

Jim is a former professor of Leadership at The United States Naval Academy who first visited Haiti in 1978 when working on his doctoral dissertation at Northeastern University. He has visited there several times working on various projects including those currently under the auspices of KareDrew. He has worked with Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying, Fonkoze Bank, as well as many others.

Patrick Tortora

Pat made his first trip to Haiti in 1981, after volunteering to serve on the board of Diakonos, Inc., a small non-profit in Massachusetts. He has since made numerous trips to Haiti for various reasons, including a human rights delegation in 2004. Pat and his wife Vivian lived in Haiti for 37 months during the period 2007 to 2011, assisting Sr. Mary at the Matthew 25 House. Pat is retired from a 37 year career as a high school guidance counselor, and now works with Vivian making natural oil based soaps for their part-time business.

Vivian Tortora

Vivian worked at a number of part-time jobs while she and Pat raised their four children, one of whom had multiple cognitive and physical challenges. It was compassion for other Moms, those in the Third World whose children, because of their poverty, did not have access to the quality care that her daughter did, that led her to take some action and become involved in trying to help them in some way. Haiti was the first opportunity she had to do so, and a lifetime commitment was made after her first visit. Continuing a 15 plus-years’ interest in organic agriculture, she raises and sells heirloom and endangered food plants.

Joan Fayne

Joan is a career Mom and professionally worked as a nurse at a regional hospital on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Currently, Joan serves as a volunteer for the Apprise Program in Pennsylvania as a Medicare specialist. A lifetime interest in human rights and equality led Joan to become a member of the Diakonos board of directors in the 1980’s along with her husband Frank, Pat and Vivian Tortora and Jim Barry.

Nathan Barry

Nathan received his BA from Endicott College in International Studies. He has travelled around the world twice with the program Semester at Sea visiting many third world countries such as Cuba, Vietnam, Kenya, and India. He spent a semester in Argentina studying the Spanish language and their culture. He completed an internship at the St. Francis House in Boston working with inmates who had recently been released from prison in a 14-week life skills building program called the Moving Ahead Program. His recent trip to Haiti with two members of the board struck him with the urgency to get involved with the cause to help Haiti rebuild after the earthquake. He most recently received a MS of Organizational Change Management from The New School in New York City.

Ricardo Balmir

Ricardo was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, and grew up in Carrefour, Haiti. He completed his classical school and has been studying diplomacy for the last 2 years.

“I have one year more to get my diploma but never have time to finish it I also grew up in a Catholic family and I've been married for 8 years and have two wonderful boys, a four year old and an eight year old. In my childhood I was always interested in helping poor people and I do like kids so much cause in my mind I think they are the better future of Haiti if they have a chance to get a good education like I did. That's why I agreed to be a board member of KareDrew. I do like our philosophy and also the way we bring our support to the Haitian kids, helping to prepare them for the future.”

Francis Fayne

A career-long educator in the secondary and collegiate levels of education, Frank has served as a Social Studies teacher and department chair, Reading Specialist, and Adjunct Professor in Education. Research grant opportunities have enabled him to conduct ethnographic research in several developing world countries in South Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Before cofounding KareDrew with Patrick and Vivian Tortora in 2011, Frank was a board member of the Massachusetts Hemophilia Association as well as Diakonos, a similar non-profit serving the people of Haiti.