KareDrew Haiti Foundation
A Brief History of KareDrew
Vivian and Pat Tortora and Frank Fayne made their first trip to Haiti in February of 1981. They traveled with Tom and Sara McDavitt of Plymouth, MA. Tom was a member of the Archdiocese of Boston's first deaconate class, and initially visited Haiti at the urging of a Haitian American classmate.

Tom, a social studies teacher in Bourne Middle School, shared his experience with his students who encouraged him to find a way to help the people of Haiti. Their brainstorming led them to devise a fund raising Walk-A-Thon along the Cape Cod Canal which became known as the Cape Cod Canalwalk for Haiti. It was administered by Tom and Sara and several other families. Tom passed away in 2008, but the Canalwalk, administered by Pat and Vivian and Bill and Sue Fitzgerald. Good Friday 2011 marked the 35th consecutive Walk, and since that time it is estimated that over $ 250,000 has been raised for the people of Haiti.

The Tortora's began spending a lot more time in Haiti, eventually living there from January of 2007 through March of 2010, and for three months in 2011. They assisted in the administration of the Matthew 25 House, the center in Haiti of the Parish Twinning program of the Americas. PTPA is the Nashville, Tennessee-based organization that links Catholic Parishes in the United States with parish communities in rural Haiti.

Right from the beginning of their full time move to Haiti they began to receive financial donations that were offered with the directive, "use this where you think it is most needed." By the winter of 2011, both the size and the number of the donations had grown. In order to better administer and be more accountable for the funds received, the Tortora's, the Fayne's and four others decided to form a non-profit foundation to assist in their administration, while at the same time offering donors a tax deduction. Thus the KareDrew Haitian Children's Foundation, Inc. was born, in memory of Karen Tortora and Andrew Fayne, their respective children, now deceased.