KareDrew Haiti Foundation
Ongoing Projects

Support for Enfants du Jesus Orphanage

Enfants du Jesus is an orphanage in in the Santo area of Crois de Bouquets, just northeast of Port au Prince, Haiti.. When we first became acquainted with the orphanage in 2006, there were 42 residents. The earthquake of 2010 left children homeless throughout and Haiti and the residency at the orphanage grew to 60. Today, Enfants du Jesus is reaching maximum capacity with 95 resident children calling it home.

Our support for the orphanage includes:
  • $3,600 per month for food support
  • Funding to bring electricity to the grounds
  • Installation of an institutional water purification system, thanks to the generosity of a Presbyterian church from Nashville, TN
  • Construction of a new dormitory after buildings on the grounds were destroyed in the earthquake
  • Purchase of new mattresses for the dorms
  • Arranging yearly physical exams for the children as required by Haitian law, utilizing volunteer medical personnel from a U.S. parishes
  • Arranged and implemented a 3 day teacher educational workshop for on-site teachers.

Melissa's Hope Orphanage for Handicapped Children

  • Funded complete overhaul of electrical system
  • Raised $12,000 for a four door pickup truck when their van died
  • Entered into an agreement with friends of Melissa’s Hope in the St. Louis area to act as fiscal agent to monitor and keep track of donations to Melissa’s Hope, We currently is forward $3,000.00 per month to Melissa’s Hope from these funds

 TB Clinic at the General Hospital (led by Dr. Megan Coffee)

Megan Coffee is an American infectious disease specialist from New Jersey who came to Haiti to offer her services to the University (General) Hospital in Port-au-Prince after the devastating earthquake of January, 2010. She had no plans to stay in Haiti long term, but has been there ever since, as she became, by default, the head of the TB clinic. The changes, improvements, and innovative procedures she has insitituted have dramatically improved the outcomes of her patients, both inpatient and outpatient. KareDrew has assisted her in the following ways
  • Pays her health insurance premiums, which are currently over $750.00 per month
  • Provides $150.00 per month for baby formula for her children of her patients who
  • Have provided nutritional powdered supplements as well as vitamins for her are HIV positive to help prevent transmission of the disease patients

One Time Projects

In 2008, Haiti was pummeled by a succession of hurricanes, beginning with Fay which struck on August 15 and concluding with Hanna which hit Haiti on September 1. The impacts of the storm were devastating; nearly 800 people died and over 22,000 homes were destroyed.

The Foundation provided funding for the construction of three new homes in Dessalines for families whose homes were heavily damaged by the storms.